Our Story

The Brand
Anthony Neil brand is created to celebrate the Power of You! The You that is Edgy, Sexy, Bold & always Inviting. Our leather captures your memories as you journey through life. Designed and created in our Detroit studio with the finest leather, swankiest hardware and all hand stitched with the classic saddle stitching method, hand cut and authentically yours.
We are all about Experiencing Journeys and want you to take Anthony Neil along for your ride.
The Creator
Created by C'erra E. and named after her father, Neil Anthony, the brand embodies the personality of a woman who is bold and stands strong amongst a crowd. This brand was birthed after years of wondering what C'erra's purpose was in life and it is truly a God-Idea. The love for beauty, travel and luxury was the foundation for the Anthony Neil and the empowerment of D.I.Y; having the courage to just do it yourself, whatever that may be.
The Anthony Neil brand marries the love for style and beauty, the love of art and music, the love of food and the enjoyment of people. Anthony Neil brand is all about #ExperienceJourneys. Whether you've gone somewhere and had a funky good time or you experienced something so moving, you are inclined to share it, thus that experience has journeyed. Experience journeys is what Anthony Neil wants you to do, explore the world and take the brand with you.

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